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Taher Chef Nick Sells shows third graders how to mix ingredients using your wrist.

Chef’s hats, laughter and smiles filled the cafeteria at Cooper Elementary School as third graders took part in Kids in the Kitchen.

Kids in the Kitchen is implemented in elementary schools in the Fort Dodge Community School District by Nick Sells, Chef Taher’s Director for the FDCSD, to expose students to new foods while learning skills they can use in cooking. kitchen.

“We want to give students the opportunity to try new foods,” says Sells. “By trying new things, they might find a food they like that they didn’t even know existed.”

The third graders each made a small container of Caesar dressing. They learned to mix well with their wrists, squeeze a lemon, and listen to instructions throughout the demonstration. Many of them said the hardest part was squeezing the fresh lemon into the dressing.

“I feel like when kids take ownership of the product, they’ll be proud of it and more willing to try it,” says Sells.

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Isabella Baker and Erica Craig squeeze fresh lemon juice into their dressing.

Most children have tried the bandage and the results have been mixed.

A girl said, “I didn’t like the salad before, but now I like it.” Another said, “I’ll give it to my mom because she likes rough stuff.” The majority of children said it was good or OK.

Sells shared that another goal of Kids in the Kitchen is to expose kids to cooking because it’s a life skill they can use throughout their lives.

“We want students to be excited about food and share that excitement with their families back home,” says Sells. “We sent the recipe for the dressing home with the kids, hoping they’ll try making it with their families too.”

Sells will present Kids in the Kitchen three times in each elementary school throughout the school year. He worked with school principals to determine which classes and how many students will be involved each time.

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Third-grade student Alivia Miklo tries her salad dressing.

“Our Taher staff are thrilled to provide these fun activities for our students and look forward to a fun-filled year of learning in our cafeterias,” he said.

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