“She was amazing”: Thousands of people go to Buckingham Palace to honor the Queen | Queen Elizabeth II

Thousands of mourners lined the streets outside Buckingham Palace on Saturday, where they paid their respects to the Queen and hoped to catch a glimpse of King Charles III.

Well-wishers brought with them a colorful array of flowers, notes and tributes as they filled the mall. By noon, the area surrounding the palace was almost full.

A mourner lays a bouquet of flowers outside Buckingham Palace on Saturday. Photography: Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images

A note written by a child and left attached to a nearby lamp post read: ‘To the Queen, I hope you love heaven. I love you. Goodbye. From Gracey.

Among the mourners who felt compelled to travel to central London was Julie Sanders, 54, from Ashtead, who said she looked up to the Queen because of her status as a female role model.

Julie Sanders holding flowers outside Buckingham Palace
Julie Sanders said the Queen had been an “amazing role model” for women. Photography: Sophia Evans/The Observer

“I wasn’t a passionate royalist or anything, but I’m not a republican either,” she said. “I just think a woman gives her whole life to serve all of us, it’s really amazing.

“She gave it selflessly, it was her commitment and that’s what she did without fail. She was a wife, a mother too, and as a woman she was an amazing role model. »

In a fitting tribute to the new King Charles III, there were a remarkable number of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs who had also made the trip to Buckingham Palace.

One of them, Twiggy, belonged to Estelle Isaacs, of London, who said the Queen converted her from a Republican.

Estelle Isaacs with her Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Twiggy
Estelle Isaacs with her Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Twiggy. Photography: Sophia Evans/The Observer

She said: ‘I am here to lay flowers for the Queen. I was actually quite anti-royal, but I got over it. As a half-Venezuelan, I saw what happened there and it made me appreciate the stability of the royal family.

Sam Parton, 31, from Balham, described himself as ‘very patriotic’ and said he had come to pay his respects to the Queen.

Sam Parton and Lily Reynolds outside Buckingham Palace
Sam Parton and Lily Reynolds wanted to show their respect on a “monumental day”. Photography: Sophia Evans/The Observer

“It’s a monumental day, so we wanted to come down to show our respect to an exceptional woman who gave her life to our country,” he said.

“I love everything about the royal family. She was an exceptional woman and it makes you proud to be British.

Sam’s girlfriend Lily Reynolds, 27, added: “I’ve always been a royalist, I love the Queen and all the family, to be honest. It’s been a sad few days.

However, in a recurring theme, she said she was less attached to King Charles III but was willing to give him a chance.

“I’m sure Charles will grow on me,” she said. “I’m more of a Queen fan, but he also dedicated his life to the country.”

Sam Quinn, 37, traveled from Wimbledon with her husband, Steve, and their 10-month-old child, Hendrix. She said: “I loved that King Charles recognized the new Princess of Wales in his speech and the weight that will be on her shoulders.”

Steve added: “It’s a historic period in British history, obviously she was queen for 70 years and I guess today is a place to go and recognize that. Her whole life has been dedicated to service of his nation and has been part of Britain all our lives.

Steve and Sam Quinn, pictured with their baby, Hendrix
Steve and Sam Quinn, pictured with their baby, Hendrix. Photography: Sophia Evans/The Observer

Henry Middleditch, 31, from London, said: “I think Charles has been in a complicated position his whole life.

“He had to try to be apolitical and not stand up for anything, while having opinions like everyone else – and not quite bad opinions, a lot of things he now publicly distances himself from.”

Sam Stewart, 31, concluded: “The Queen is a legend. She has done a lot for the country in her lifetime. She devoted her whole life to something that was not her choice.

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