Diabetes Travel Essentials and tips for the estimated 21 million Americans who need to manage their diabetes while on vacation

  • Put your diabetic supplies in a carry-on bag (the insulin might get too cold in your checked baggage). Consider bringing a smaller bag to have in your place for insulin, glucose tablets and snacks.
  • Carry twice as much medicine as you think you need. Carry medications in the original pharmacy bottles or ask your pharmacist to print extra labels that you can stick on plastic bags.
  • Be sure to pack healthy snacks, such as fruits, raw vegetables and nuts.

When traveling by vehicle to your destination, you must:

  • Find healthy food options like:
  • Fruits, nuts, sandwiches, yogurt
  • Chicken or fish salads (skip dried fruit and croutons)
  • Eggs and omelettes
  • Burgers with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun
  • Fajitas (skip tortillas and rice)
  • Stop and get out of the car or up and down the aisle of the plane or train every hour or two to avoid blood clots (people with diabetes are more at risk).
  • Set an alarm on your phone to take medicine if you’re traveling across time zones

Once at destination:

  • Your blood sugar may be out of your target range at first, but your body should adjust within a few days. Check your blood sugar often and treat any highs or lows as directed by your doctor or diabetes educator.
  • If you’re going to be more active than usual, check your blood sugar before and after and adjust your diet and activity as needed.

One of the most important aspects of managing type 2 diabetes is for the patient to test their blood sugar levels, usually twice a day. It might be more for some patients, depending on their doctor’s care plan.

In an article by Health Line, Lisa HarrisCDE, IA to top university Medical center in Chicago said many patients with type 2 diabetes would likely benefit from more frequent testing. “Testing your blood sugar can be extremely informative for people who are trying to avoid needing other medications, such as insulin,” Harris said. “Even if they’re only taking metformin, seeing for themselves how certain types of foods affect their blood sugar can have the biggest impact on their motivation to make changes to their diet.”

Additionally, when traveling, a healthy diet tends to become more difficult to maintain on a regular basis. People tend to eat more at restaurants and have less time to plan healthy meals or have fewer healthy options to choose from. There is also less time to ensure proper nutrition and exercise, which is important for diabetes management.

“For people with diabetes, it’s even more important to send their blood glucose readings to a provider when they travel, as their diets may not be as healthy, eating times and habits may change, and other travel-related metabolic stressors,” said Dr. Bill Lewis, a leading telehealth consultant. “The iGlucose is the perfect travel companion for people with diabetes, so their test results are always transmitted seamlessly to their provider.”

Many current remote patient monitoring (RPM) home devices rely on Bluetooth® technology or Wi-Fi paired with an app on a smartphone. These connections, especially low energy Bluetooth, may fail and not reliably or securely deliver health data to providers.

Smart Meter’s iGlucose has proprietary cellular technology that uses the fast and secure AT&T 4/5G IoT network for reliable transmissions every time. With the cell-capable iGlucose®, the measurement is sent immediately to the patient’s provider with no additional steps required by the patient.

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