Interesting facts about Apple’s Steve Jobs revealed: Didn’t own a couch or chairs for years

The life of Apple’s late Steve Jobs has been no stranger to interesting facts and stories as people try to figure out how he lived. One interesting fact about him that finally gets an explanation is the fact that he hasn’t owned a couch or a chair for years.

Steve Jobs’ Wife Reveals Apple Co-Founder Wasn’t on Twitter

The only reason there is finally an explanation to some of the mysteries surrounding the life of Steve Jobs is because his wife, Laurene Jobs, has finally shared what she knows about the founder of Apple with the world.

In a post by Benzinga, another interesting thing his wife revealed is that with the way Twitter works, if Jobs were still alive, he most likely would have stayed away from Twitter in general.

Laurene explained how Steve used to pay extreme attention to detail

Laurene revealed some interesting facts about the co-founder and late CEO of Apple, saying he was the type of person to notice the details of everything. With his work on different Apple products like the Mac or the iPhone, his attention to detail is easily spotted.

The late co-founder’s wife took the explanation one step further, claiming that her husband would even be able to notice “the way the floor meets the walls meets the ceilings.” This is just one example of how the Apple co-founder’s mind worked.

Laurene Jobs revealed they didn’t own a sofa or chairs for several years

In an article for The Verge, Laurence explained that they hadn’t owned a sofa or armchairs for several years. While some people might assume it’s because Jobs had an extreme work ethic and didn’t want to sit down, the real answer is quite different.

Laurene said the reason they haven’t owned a sofa or armchairs for years is because they couldn’t find common ground when it comes to furniture. Laurene noted that “people laugh at us because we couldn’t agree on a sofa or chairs, so for many years we had neither”.

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Steve Job’s wife reveals it took them eight years before they could choose a couch

Steve Jobs’ wife, however, assured them that they could finally buy a couch after many years. She then shared how Jobs remained very aware of the aesthetic and had a specific meaning for it.

Laurene said Steve developed her sense of aesthetics early in her life even before she could develop her own sense of aesthetics. Laurene shared how the Apple co-founder was “very aware of the physical and natural environment”.

In a Daily Mail article, it was revealed that it took the couple eight years before they could finally choose a sofa. After many years without being able to agree on the details, they finally reached an agreement.

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