This useful thermometer will keep you and your kitchen safe

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You know that old thermometer you have? Yes, I’m talking about the one that’s been taped to the wall, useless for a decade. Do you look away in embarrassment? Don’t! We have all been there. The truth is, with all the wild heat waves and unpredictable weather, no one would blame you if you wanted to know how ridiculously hot it is inside your home – even if that broken thermometer doesn’t do the trick. After all, the temperature inside your space not only dictates how sweaty you are when cooking and cleaning, it can have a whole host of unexpected results.

So, because uncertain weather conditions don’t seem to be going away anytime soon, it’s about time you knew just how hot (and humid!) your home really is, right? Luckily, the makers of our editor-favorite cooking thermometer have come up with a brand new stellar solution: the RH SPOT, a handy little device that will help keep you and your home safe no matter how hot the weather gets. temperatures.

You might be wondering exactly what the RH SPOT does. Understandable. Well, the colorful L-shaped device reads the exact temperature and humidity level of any given space with amazing accuracy and speed. In fact, it takes a new reading every five seconds to ensure its easy-to-read LCD display is giving you the right real-time data. This precision is especially important when it comes to things like bread making, where humidity and temperature will greatly affect the rise of your bread and can totally change the end product. If you’ve ever baked bread, then you know: after all that hard work, there’s nothing more disappointing than a dough that won’t rise!

However, the RH SPOT is a game changer for more than bread. Because it can be hung anywhere – literally anywhere, from the ceiling, on your kitchen walls, outdoors (it’s waterproof, BTW) – it can help you extend shelf life of a whole series of your favorite objects. (Think of that unopened peanut butter or coconut milk sitting in your cupboard.) We don’t often consider how high temperatures can alter the expiration date of those cans, cans, and jars. The truth is, knowing when to turn on the fan and extract some of that warm, stagnant air from your kitchen can keep your favorite items in tip-top shape. The same goes for wine or other forms of alcohol (have you ever swirled your favorite bottle before drinking it? That’s the worst!). It will also help cigars hold up, if that’s your thing.

The useful detector can also be placed in the refrigerator. By holding down the power button, you can cycle through the highest and lowest data points, so you can easily tell if your fridge was too hot at any time. Finally a way to prove that a family member leaves the fridge door open!

The RH SPOT comes in nine fun colors (who said temperature reading has to be boring?) and can detect up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Oh, and the battery lasts 5,000 hours before it needs to be replaced. So, yes, unlike that broken old thermometer just waiting to retire to your kitchen, this workhorse is built to last. It’s a home essential that you’ve probably never thought of before, but believe us, you’ll wonder how you ever went so long without this little thing.

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