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Today is the last day of August. This summer goes by so quickly, it seems. I have tomatoes, pickles and red beets to put in jars. I’ll probably make salsa with the tomatoes I picked. Plants are loaded with more. How grateful we can be for this bountiful harvest. We can now enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Last week we canned 42 liters of V-8 juice, which makes a great drink. I make ours spicy by adding extra hot peppers, but I also make some that aren’t spicy so I can use them in soups when the grandkids come home.

Yesterday daughter Lovina and I and daughter Loretta and 7.5 week old baby Denzel went to daughter Elizabeth to help with the housework. We used our horse Midnight and Dustin and Loretta’s buggy. Their buggy is pretty neat. It has a rear lift by a battery charged by a solar panel on the buggy. So I was able to push a button, and it lifted Loretta and her mobility scooter into the buggy. There were many times Loretta didn’t want to leave because she didn’t want us to have to lift her into the buggy. So now she can go with us when Dustin’s not around.

Daughters Susan and Verena were also helpful to Tim and Elizabeth, as were Susan’s friend Ervin and the children. Ervin mowed the lawn and we cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and windows. Church services will be held at Tim and Elizabeth’s house on Saturday instead of Sunday. These will be baptismal services for son Benjamin – God willing. The offices will take place under a marquee.

Elizabeth was happy for all our help. With four kids ages 5 and under, it’s hard to do it all. I still want to go help him on Friday.

Granddaughters Abigail and Kaitlyn came home from school together. It was so cute to see them with their backpacks. They really get attached to each other.

The little boys spent the day together. They were playing near the window well and 3-year-old Ryan slipped into the well. There was a toad in there, and he was screaming because he was afraid of the big toad. When Loretta went to see why he was crying, 4-year-old Isaiah and 3-year-old TJ were pulling Ryan well out of the window. It was so sweet to see how the two little boys were helping Ryan.

Granddaughter Andrea, 6.5 months, walks everywhere in her walker. I was cleaning the stove and she kept approaching the stove, trying to grab the shelves I had put there. She is adorable and has the biggest eyes and smile.

Jennifer, 4, and Allison, 2, were playmates and entertained each other. Most of the time they play with dolls and Allison is Jennifer’s little girl. It’s funny how little girls and little boys have different interests. Curtis, 2, likes to hang out where Susan is. He is already very attached to her. He also enjoys playing with baby Denzel and Andrea.

Kaitlyn, Isaiah and Curtis are Ervin’s children, but they seem to be my own grandchildren already. They are so easy to love.

Loretta went back to the doctor and she still has blood clots in her leg, so she still has to take blood thinners and keep them high often. She will have to do an ultrasound again in the future.

Meanwhile, Denzel seems to continue to grow. He already weighs nearly 10 pounds. He really smiles and is very alert.

Friday, September 2, our youngest child Kevin will already be 17 years old. It’s hard to believe!

God’s blessings to all!

V-8 Juice

15 lbs tomatoes, cut into chunks

4 celery stalks, halved

4 carrots, diced

4 onions, diced

4 cucumbers, sliced

4 green peppers, each cut into about 8 pieces

4 to 6 hot peppers, jalapeños or according to your preferences; left whole with stems removed

6 garlic cloves

Combine all ingredients in a 20 quart kettle over medium-high heat. Cook until tender, stirring often (about 30 minutes). Remove the celery stalks. Pass through a Victorio sieve and pour the juice into jars. I add 1 teaspoon of salt to each liter of juice. Close the jars and treat them according to the recommendations of your county extension office or the National Center for Food Preservation website.

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