Local Business Spotlight: Hearth and Hill, Hill’s Kitchen, Make Room for Dessert Restaurants

PARK CITY, SALT LAKE, Utah – Hearth and Hill, Hill’s Kitchen and the Leave Room for Dessert Eateries brand are the realization of Brooks Kirchheimer’s dream of operating a restaurant.

Brooks and her father, David Kirchheimer, are co-owners and co-founders of Kimball Junction’s flagship restaurant, Hearth and Hill, as well as Hill’s Kitchen and Leave Room for Dessert Eateries. Brooks and David view their restaurant team as an extension of their family and live by the motto: “Inspire our associates, delight our guests and enrich our community”.

Brooks explains why taking care of the team comes first. “My father always says, ‘Inspiring our associates is the first thing because without them the other two don’t exist’,” he explains.

Benefits such as health insurance for full-time employees, 401-K for all employees, free employee meals, and employee parties make Leave Room for Dessert Eateries an optimal work environment.

“We try to make it a place where people like to work and support them,” says Brooks. “Since day one, we’ve been trying to create a strong culture that people can work in.

A focus on caring for staff has helped Hearth and Hill thrive, despite the global pandemic. Even though Hearth and Hill is not yet four years old, the brand has already seen expansion. In March 2022, Brooks and David launched Kimball Junction-based Hill’s Kitchen in response to booming business.

“It’s literally two doors down from Hearth and Hill. We call it a catering cafe and kitchen,” says Brooks, “We had done a lot of catering at Hearth and Hill since day one. space… Plus, we have a really talented pastry chef, Jessie Rae, and we want her to have a space where she can spread her wings.

At half the size of Hearth and Hill, the majority of Hill’s Kitchen is kitchen space to meet the growing demand for catering. The cafe offers Salt Lake-based Publik coffee, to-go treats, fresh baked goods, custom cakes, smoothies, and frozen items.

The next Save Room for Dessert concept, Urban Hill, is set to open in October in Salt Lake’s Post District development. Urban Hill will be the largest restaurant to date, with approximately 200 seats and an additional 80 on the terrace. The second Hearth and Hill location will open this winter in the Sugar Alley development of Sugar House.

The thriving restaurants testify to the creative and delicious menu items. The combination of ingredients and options can satisfy a variety of consumers, from omnivores to vegans to people with gluten intolerance. Local ingredients amp up the dishes. And Brooks is quick to throw the spotlight.

“I really commend our Culinary Director, Jordan Harvey, who has been with us since day one,” exclaims Brooks. “Over the years, he’s developed these great relationships,” Brooks says of Jordan’s efforts to connect the restaurant with local food suppliers.

Ingredients from local growers, bakers and artisans like Ranui Gardens, Red Bicycle Breadworks, Intermountain Gourmet, Park City Creamery, Good Grains Baking Company and Gracie’s Farm lend to delicious dishes while enriching the community.

It’s been less than four years since Brooks and David launched Hearth and Hill and Brooks began to realize his dream of becoming a restaurateur. Dedication to employees, stellar food and commitment to the community are the attributes that have helped Hearth and Hill grow to include Hill’s Kitchen and the Save Room for Deserts brand.

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