Kitchen Colors That ‘Increase Your Property Value’ – ‘It’s Certainly Attractive’

Nic Shacklock, an interior expert from, said in terms of front door colours, “there really is no right or wrong”, but he recommended that homeowners consider black for their front door.

He explained: “I would say black is definitely the most popular color for a front door, it’s sleek and elegant and definitely adds a luxurious look to the front of the house.”

Nic continued: “If you’re superstitious, you might want to go for a red door.

“According to feng shui superstitions, red is known for its protection, it converts negative energy into positive, and it is considered a lucky charm.”

The interior expert said what homeowners should really consider is the color of their kitchen, as it’s the part of the house that has the biggest impact on property value.

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He explained: “The kitchen is known as the heart of the home, so you want it to be warm, inviting and relaxing.”

Nic advised people to “avoid really bright, overpowering colors like yellows and reds” because they can be overpowering and distract from other elements in your kitchen like light fixtures.

He recommended going for neutral “if you want something warm and cozy” and advised adding “pops of color through other features like chairs”.


“Darker colors are really on trend now, but if you’re going for something like dark green or navy, just consider how much natural light you have in your kitchen. If it’s not a lot, you might end up with a really good dark room.”

The interior expert said the best color to increase the value of your property is blue because according to studies it’s “a really desirable color and having elements of it in your home actually increases the value of the property”.

“If people are looking to sell their homes quickly,” he advised homeowners to consider making some easy color changes.

He recommended going for neutral and warm colors so that “whoever is looking to buy it has a nice blank canvas to work with.”

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“A lot of people tend to opt for these colors in their homes, so it will definitely be appealing to anyone looking to buy a home and make some minimal changes,” Nic said.

Some colors to avoid according to experts are moss green, brown and purple, especially for the exterior of your property.

Nishtha Sadana, Creative Director and Founder of NISH, said moss green is “dull and dull” and purple “may not be the best option” as it can stand out too much and make it difficult to “blend with the neighborhood or the community”. .

Lucy Searle of Homes & Gardens advises people to avoid bright tones or colors that divide opinion. She said: ‘If you’re selling your home soon, it’s essential to choose neutral colors that won’t offend’, such as neutral colors that ‘will also make a front door look more appealing’.

Some of the most popular front door color choices for this fall include spicy mustard, emerald, and cobalt blue.

Cobalt blue is a “strong” yet “soothing” tone that lifts the spirits and makes the home stand out from the crowd.

This color can also help increase the value of your property, according to experts. “There has recently been a substantial increase in searches for ‘Blue Front Door’ which shows that it is becoming a more popular choice and that this color is associated with trust and reliability, it would be a perfect choice,” they said.

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