Kathy Jones takes over the kitchen of the Big Woods Restaurant Group

Challenges are a hallmark of Kathy Jones’ life, working as an executive chef who is underrepresented in her field.

“I like a good challenge. I’ve played drums. I’ve been married for over 22 years with two daughters and five grandchildren. I like photography and kayaking, where there’s no time limit.

Jones’ latest challenge is to work as executive chef of the Nashville-based Big Woods Restaurant Group, which includes 12 restaurants, breweries and distilleries in central and southern Indiana, including Bloomington, Edinburgh, Speedway, Indianapolis. , Franklin and West Lafayette.

Jones has worked as a chef for over 40 years. She is among 12.5% ​​of executive chefs in America – 135,236 as of April 2022 – who are women and one of only 8% of executive chefs who identify as LGBTIQ.

Since July 2022, she has served as Executive Chef of the Big Woods Restaurant Group, often spending nights in Nashville and other locations to better oversee the company’s kitchen operations.

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