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IN SEARCH OF CULINARY SENSATIONS – Children rule the kitchen; here’s how to help them

Posted 10:05 a.m. Monday, September 12, 2022

The kids in the kitchen are about the best family value I can imagine.

We love to hear what Liam Madisetty and his family are cooking for dinner in Alabama. My nephew and his wife raise their children gardening, cooking and experimenting.

We get footage of the process from garden and coop to plate. Let’s put more kids in the kitchen.

Books like these will begin their love of connectedness with the creative process:

Gaby’s Latin American cuisine has live photos and lovely illustrations. A pooch and smiling tacos take us through projects of peeling plantains, filling papusas and crimping empanada de pollo.

This season, let them make a Russian salad Christmas tree with yellow and orange carrot slices as “ornaments.” I didn’t like gazpacho as a kid, but this lesson/presentation would have convinced me to make it and love it. Gaby Melian is a professional chef with a big smile and purple sneakers. This America’s Test Kitchen book will also make your children smile.

“Kids can cook anything” is another American test kitchen offering with a great range. Brown rice with lime vinaigrette, garlic cucumber and feta salad, and pasta with kale and basil pesto sound like dishes that a lot of so-called adults, I know, would give a pass to. difficult in favor of cheeseburgers.

I love the way the little foodies take flight. How to stem kale and how to cook rice are some secondary lessons.

Pumpkin alert: The pumpkin muffins in this book sound like winners. Learn more at

“B is for beekeeping” – A is for apiary, B is for beekeeping and C is for comb. I’m all about the E for Ecosystem as we learn how bee and bird friendly practices are in our communities. But I didn’t know that bees could search for food up to 8 km away.

These hard-working little darlings, and Justin Weiss wrote this book inspired by his home life outside of Dallas. Non-profit organizations and families who read this book will benefit from its efforts. Winda Mulyasari illustrated this colorful book, and a portion of all sales of this book will be donated to organizations such as Pollinator Partnership, Bee Conservancy and Project Apis m.

For more information, visit or follow the author on

To the queen – If we all remember Queen Elizabeth with a cup of tea, this brand will set you up. In praising the high quality of Adagio teas, I mentioned the pitcher that allows fans to brew cold tea, just the way we like it here in Texas.

VarieTEA is a precise variable temperature kettle that allows you to heat water to 150, 165, 180 or 195 degrees and keep it hot. This is what you want for your more delicate herb blends. If you want to boil straight, for coffee or something, you can also do the classic brew. Learn more at

Darragh Doiron is a foodie from the Port Arthur area who began his youth in the kitchen. Contact her at

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