Greensky Bluegrass drops new song and welcomes kitchen dwellers to Red Rocks

Keyboardist Holly Bowling accompanied the band for the show which saw the first performance of “Get Out”.

By Andy Kahn Sep 18, 2022 10:25 a.m. PDT

Greensky Bluegrass dropped a new original song, “Get Out,” and brought out members of The Kitchen Dwellers at their concert Saturday at Red Rocks. Keyboardist Holly Bowling joined GSBG again throughout the straight-set performance at the stately venue outside of Denver.

After a welcome “good evening” from Bowling, “Past My Prime” opened Greensky’s second night at Red Rocks, followed by “Living Over”. The third song of the night was the live debut of “Get Out,” which was sung by mandolinist Paul Hoffman. The song, which is a 2020 recorded release for the band’s 2022 studio album Stress dreamswill be released as a 7-inch single (supported by “Congratulations and Condolences”) on Record Store Day Black Friday.

Later in the set, the official music video for “Stress Dreams” played on the venue’s video screens as the band played the title track from the LP. The first set ended with the transition from “Run Or Die” to “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac, which continued with their newly released arrangement of Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around… Comes Around” and then back into “The Chain”.

GSBG started the second set on Saturday with “Absence of Reason.” They paired ‘Broke Mountain Breakdown’ with ‘Demons’ and then worked on ‘Murder Of Crows’. The group then brought out three of the four members of the opening act Kitchen Dwellers, as banjoist Torrin Danielsmandolinist Shawn Swain and guitarist Max Davis came on stage. A collaborative cover of Yonder Mountain String Band’s “Keep On Going” followed, which was introduced by dobroist Anders-Beck who mentioned Yonder’s late co-founder Jeff Austin.

After the guests exited, GSBG turned on “It’s Not Mine Anymore”, followed by a cover of “Ain’t No Bread in the Breadbox”. The set ended with “Reverend”, which was dedicated to the Northwest String Summit emcee, Rev. Tim Christensen, and featured elements of “Monument” and a closing “Worried About the Weather”.

Greensky Bluegrass capped off their two nights on the rocks with an encore performance of “Courage For The Road.” The band is performing today at the Beachlife Ranch festival. A livestream is available through

Listen to the full audio of Saturday’s GSBG show at Red Rocks recorded by Don Olker below:

set list

First series: past my prime, living more, going out [1]In the Rafters, Roofless Room, Fixin’ to Ruin [2]Dreams of Stress, Run or Die [3] > The chain > What circulates… comes back > The chain

Set Two: Absence of Reason, Broke Mountain Breakdown > Demons, Murder of Crows, Keep on Going [4]It’s not mine anymore, there’s no bread in the bread box, reverend [5]Worried about the weather

Again: Courage for the road


  • [1] beginning, original
  • [2] with Dylan Langille & Keith Kinnear (woodcut)
  • [3] James Bond themed teaser
  • [4] with Shawn Swain (mandolin), Torrin Daniels (banjo) & Max Davies (guitar)
  • [5] Monument tease

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