Eicher celebrates happy events and sad events

The canning season is in full swing here. We are already a week away in September. September 10 is granddaughter Abigail’s 6th birthday. Her birth brought us a lot of excitement, as she put Joe and me on the grandparents list. Every grandchild brings excitement, but that first grandchild makes a change in your life.

Last night the whole family was here for supper. We had mashed potatoes, beef and noodles, cucumber salad, cheese, biscuits and canned peaches.

Her son Kevin turned 17 on September 2. His daughter Lovina and I baked him a horseshoe cake. We celebrated her birthday a day early as our family gathered here for a farewell dinner for our dear friend Jodi.

Jodi, whose husband Dan was killed in the same accident that claimed the life of her daughter Susan’s husband, Mose, moved to Alabama to live with her daughter Krista and her family. We have become good friends with Jodi and will truly miss her closeness. I understand that she wants to get closer to her daughter, though.

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