20 kitchen kitchen ideas to inspire your next renovation

Galley kitchens have been a hot trend this year. If you are unfamiliar with this style, it resembles ship’s galleys with a cook on board. According to Dura Supreme Cabinetry, traditional galley kitchens are narrow hallways lined with cabinets on either side. One side has spacious counters for prep and the other for cooking. People who value a small, homey kitchen with an intimate cooking space appreciate galley kitchens. This style may not be for everyone, especially if you have a large family, but those with a smaller home can benefit from a kitchen layout.

Although the layout can be difficult to style as there are limits to the available space, the use of components such as texture, color and pattern can make the hallway kitchen appear expansive. The Fill says traditional galley kitchens retain a more narrow and enclosed look, but to deviate from the norm, opt for creating an open space, install windows for natural light or use classic style flooring . Instead of two walls full of cabinets, knock down one wall and install an island; of course, this idea depends on your preference as to whether you want additional storage space. Keep reading to see the 20 ways to include kitchen embellishments in your next renovation.

1. Kitchen black and wood kitchen

Black cabinets create an elegant look, while white oak wood countertops matched with hardwood floors add a warm touch to this kitchen kitchen. Installing a large window keeps the narrow space from looking dark even with light fixtures; instead, natural light filters illuminate the room.

2. White and stainless steel kitchen

Larger than your average sized open-plan kitchen, this space boasts plenty of detail, including all-stainless steel countertops and appliances, gray subway tile backsplash, and terracotta flooring. Different materials add texture to white cabinets, and small overhead lights highlight specific areas.

3. Modern American kitchen

Take advantage of your high ceilings with large wooden cabinets to make your American kitchen more cavernous. The cabinet-lined wall extends all the way to the sliding door, adding height to the walls without overwhelming the rest of the space. Additionally, the island on the opposite side opens up the kitchen, creating a modern look.

4. A simply white kitchen

A crisp white kitchen is always a classic look that can never go wrong. This white galley kitchen has gray accents on the counters, backsplash, and walls that give the space a soft look. Parquet and wooden cutting boards add contrast to the neutral colors and lead a clean path to the dining table.

5. Dark Wood Kitchen

This two-tone galley kitchen perfectly balances bright and dark colors. Dark wood cabinetry creates a moody atmosphere in the all-white space, along with black marble countertops. The LED lighting combined with the white tiling and white top half makes the kitchen appear larger than it is.

6. Blue Kitchen

This blue galley kitchen with palm leaf wallpaper and patterned flooring breaks up the space, but it can be overwhelming. First, the palm leaf wallpaper would work better in place of the gold backsplash. Then the patterned floor would be a great accent piece.

7. Retro Kitchen

A simple color scheme may be mundane, but designing it to suit a particular interior style, like this retro white and gray galley kitchen, will change the whole look. The gray outlines on the white cabinets add texture and the multi-colored tiles give the space a vintage feel, giving the kitchen an overall retro feel.

8. Patterned Tile Kitchen

Another way to spruce up a white kitchen is to add patterned tile flooring. This black and white tile immediately draws the eye to the floor and expands the space, creating the perfect Scandinavian-style kitchen. Instead of boring white walls, the shiplap of this kitchen cabinet adds texture all around the room.

9. Depressed Galley Kitchen

If you’re not a morning person, a monochromatic gray kitchen cabinet could be the face of your new kitchen. Silky gray cabinets and black countertops give this kitchen a dark yet cozy look. Minimal lighting is needed for the look to work, so having just one window to let in light is a great option.

10. Rustic Kitchen

An American kitchen does not need to be completely closed; adding a door that leads to the backyard is a unique way to elongate the room. The creative tile backsplash in different colors adds personality to the space and matches the granite countertops. The large window above the sink and side door makes this kitchen light and airy.

11. Tuscan Style Kitchen

Sometimes too much clutter can be overwhelming, but this kitchen has a place for everything, displaying every plate, pot and cup in an organized fashion. Wooden cabinets and shelves bring a touch of Tuscan flair to the rest of the space, along with green walls, black breakfast nook, and hanging chandelier.

12. Royal Kitchen

This open-plan kitchen is elegant, with royal blue cabinets, brass details and marble countertops. It is smaller than traditional kitchen kitchens, but the open space next to the oven makes the kitchen look wider. Using glass cabinet doors adds character to the kitchen, giving a glimpse of what lies behind.

13. Office kitchen smooth wood finish

Smooth polished wood cabinets with clean white countertops make this kitchen shine with the help of LED ceiling lights. If your kitchen doesn’t get natural light, LED lights can help brighten the space without making it look yellow. Plus, the various blue-hued backsplash tiles add color life to the kitchen.

14. White, gray and green kitchen

We mentioned that a white kitchen is a staple in most homes, and a great way to make it different is to add a splash of color or install textured materials. This open-plan kitchen has a white interior with gray countertops but stands out with the seafoam green tiles.

15. Industrial Style Kitchen

We love an industrial themed kitchen; butcher block paired with black cabinetry gives the space a sophisticated look. While the subway tile and green accent wall add charm and light, balancing out the dark tones. Instead of keeping a monotonous subway tile wall, black shelves add contrast.

16. Bright Yellow Galley Kitchen

Yellow is known to make you feel happy and energetic. This open-plan kitchen focuses on yellow cabinetry with stainless steel countertops and appliances. Color works well because only one color is used.

17. Bohemian Kitchen

While grey-blue colored cabinets take center stage in the room, wooden shelves, black sconces, a brown rug and small plants make the kitchen cozier. Small keys are clean and organized instead of having too many where they can feel cramped.

18. Farmhouse Kitchen

A boldly painted wall can add interest to a kitchen, but if you appreciate a classic white space, incorporating texture with a canvas can transform the look. The edging of the skylights and massive window matches the brass details of the cabinets, light fixtures, and faucet, enhancing the look of the space.

19. Cottage Kitchen Kitchen

This open plan kitchen has shabby chic cabinetry with granite style countertops encompassing a cottage kitchen, especially the trash can style hardware. The wooden table with a white wicker chair creates a cozy atmosphere. Black pendant lights are effective in this design as they add a touch of delicacy to the room.

20. Wallpaper in an American kitchen

Most of the galley kitchens we showed had colorful tiles, cabinets and walls, but fun patterned wallpaper adds a funky touch. This orange floral wallpaper is whimsical and pairs beautifully with the marble countertops and backsplash. In addition, the orange background that appears through the windows matches perfectly with the wallpaper.

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