The names behind the newspaper

Clarence DeMar at work in a print shop. Image courtesy of Boston Public Library, Leslie Jones Collection

Hundreds of people have helped make Banker & Tradesman indispensable to generations of Massachusetts businessmen. Here are some notable examples.


Clarence DeMar spent two decades working as a printer in Greater Boston, including for Banker & Tradesman. During his career as a composer who assembled texts for printing presses, DeMar also became a legendary marathon runner. No one matched his seven Boston Marathon victories, and DeMar won a bronze medal in the 1924 Olympic marathon. After moving to Keene, New Hampshire, in 1929, DeMar taught classes in printing and d other subjects. The 44th race of the Clarence DeMar Marathon in Keene takes place later this month.

To stick on

Before going to print, each weekly edition of Banker & Tradesman would be laid out in a process known as collage. Virginia Coulter was involved in the collage of the newspaper files for 72 years. An employee of the Warren family for four generations, Coulter remained at her job until a few years before her death in 2000.

David Lovins

The senior management

David Lovins joined the Warren Group in 1996 as Chief Information Officer after 15 years with leading companies such as BlueCross BlueShield. After CEO Tim Warren revamped the company’s management structure in the early 2000s, Lovins won the position of president and chief operating officer. From this perspective, he has guided the company since 2004, creating important partnerships with companies like Zillow and leading the expansion of the Warren Group into offering national real estate data since 2020.


After graduating from college in 1977, William Samatis began working as a collage artist for Banker & Tradesman. He helped develop the newspaper production process using a computer in the mid-1980s. After leaving the company in 2003 to help the printing plant used by Banker & Tradesman modernize its operations, Samatis reconnected with Banker & Tradesman four years ago as a graphic designer producing the weekly.

Samantha Bullock

Document collection

In years past – and still today in some states – the Warren Group visited the records to gather all real estate records. While online tools have made the collection process easier in Massachusetts, several staff and other partners play key roles in publishing Banker & Tradesman’s weekly records. Samantha Bullock, director of operations and product strategy for the Warren Group, leads the team involved in collecting data and producing more than 70,000 records for Massachusetts alone. The Bullock team includes Tammy Dandurant, data operations manager, and Ellen Gendron, data quality and key account manager.

Customer service

As Warren Group’s Senior Customer Support Specialist, Sarah Ahlgren has been helping Banker & Tradesman readers manage their subscriptions for over seven years. Ahlgren’s career in customer service spans 35 years, including as a front desk clerk at a public library in Madison, Wisconsin.

Cassidy Norton


Cassidy Norton climbed the journalism ladder from an early age – at 15 she decided she would be a journalist when she grew up. She joined Banker & Tradesman in 2009 as an award-winning journalist and quickly became an expert on all things real estate and finance during the crash and subsequent recovery. From 2014 to 2018, she ran the newspaper before assuming the position of associate editor that she holds today. There she oversees the editorial, advertising, customer service and circulation departments and charts the course of the paper for the future.


Caitlin Bobe is new to Banker & Tradesman. She joined the company six months ago as an advertising account manager. Bobe previously spent seven years working in advertising for the former GateHouse publications – now Gannett.

John Bottin

Data sales

Like many at The Warren Group, John Bottini started his career with the company in 2003 at a lower rung on the ladder: a graphic designer for the newly formed in-house marketing team. Since then he has been the designer of Banker & Tradesman for print and now leads the Warren Group’s sales and marketing initiatives, turning the company’s strategic vision and data products into revenue.

On line

Yasmin Daiha also joined Banker & Tradesman six months ago as a web editor, helping produce Banker & Tradesman’s daily and weekly online news for the newspaper’s website and email newsletters.

Gena Salvo


Gena Salvo joined The Warren Group in 2018 as Controller with 27 years of experience in managing financial and accounting matters for national and international companies. Leading the accounting and human resources departments, Salvo is responsible for all financial responsibilities, including accounting and financial compliance, financial reporting, treasury and budgeting, ensuring that the Warren Group is able to stick to its objectives and fund them.

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