How the Metaverse is Changing the Dynamics of Influencer Marketing

By Vaibhav Pathak

We’ve seen snippets of what Metaverse can do in the world of advertising from Samsung, Apple, and various tech companies to introduce their products to a larger mass and new audience. However, if we think about Metaverse and Influencer marketing, we quickly come to the conclusion that the market is not yet established or is about to create the new world of marketing.

Currently, we see the influencer economy playing a huge role in the advertising industry, from generating massive awareness to creating creative content around different brands. This not-so-new ability to add a personal touch to a product or brand in order to reach and engage with a larger mass of audience and the ease offered by apps and the internet is exactly what brings more brands on board to start participating in influencer marketing.

As the world of influencer marketing grows, we are seeing an increase in the number of people entering the world of content marketing and content creation, to jump on the bandwagon of the influencer economy. There are now types of influencers in fashion, lifestyle, dance, comedy, gaming, and many more categories, thus pushing the market in a new direction, a direction that involves brands and influencers are increasingly producing content to entertain a new set. audiences.

With this increase in the number of people creating more content to reach more masses to reach more brands to create such a perfectly balanced economy, it also gives the opportunity to create new platforms to make this flow more “personal”. This is where Metaverse comes in. It only deepens the very aspect of creating content and marketing products for a particular niche.

Although it is a new format for accessing the Internet, the conversion on social networks will be much faster compared to applications like Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, since it is already developed as a “world social” autonomous and less “social networks”. .

The dynamics of influencer marketing will change drastically, as it will now lead to more and more brands reaching out to audiences directly and making influencers their connection points to do so.

As we have seen over the past few months, brands like Zara and McDonalds opened their first ever metaverse showroom and to market it they used multiple influencers and their metaverse personas to create content on the first ever Metaverse ad campaign , which in itself shows the potential of the Metaverse for influencer marketing.

There are obviously pros and cons to every structure in the marketing world, but honestly it all comes down to how you deal with the trends and technology that go together to create something so fantastic that it touches lives, and with the metaverse, you may soon be able to touch lives in ways beyond our imagination at the moment.

It’s a dynamic world because it will reward those who are creative, it will have an audience for everything, and it will have a product and a source of entertainment for everyone.

The author is co-founder of The Girlfriend Box (TGB). The opinions expressed are personal.

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