Guidelines for contract management, review and approval

Conditions/type of contract Office(s) responsible for reviewing the contract (other than the Office of Legal Affairs) Relevant policies Additional relevant information Affiliate agreements Consult the Office of Enterprise Risk Management and go through the procurement department Review SUU Policy 5.13


Gambling contracts

Consult with the Athletic Director and go through the Purchasing Department if necessary

Playing Contracts: Process Through Athletics

Revise SUU Policy 12.1 Credit Card Information – Payment Card Industry (PCI) Consult SUU Bursar or PCI Committee Review SUU Policy 5.22 Donations and Gifts Advancement Office Review SUU Policy 5.24 and Policy 5.46 Check out the SUU Advancement website Employment contract Consult the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services and go through the Office of Human Resources Review SUU policy 5.21 and 6.24 External sales Consult the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services Protected Health Information Consult with HR Benefits Manager when dealing with employees; Consulting See SUU Policy 8.2, 9.7 and 13.17 Check out the SUU Human Resources Benefits website Purchase of goods or services Purchase

Review SUU policy 5.24 and 5.7

Review Utah State Council on Higher Education Policy R571 Independent contractors Office of Human Resources; then via Purchasing Review SUU Policy 8.3.7 Consult SUU HR site if necessary, consult Accounting Services for payment arrangements Conditions of Insurance, Limits of Liability, Indemnification or Significant Risks Enterprise Risk Management Office Review the Enterprise Risk Management site Intellectual property (including licenses) Consult the marketing department if you are using any University trademarks or logos; otherwise through the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, process through the Procurement Department Review SUU Policy 5.52 International terms Consult international affairs, human resources and process through the purchasing department Review SUU Policy 5.30 IT, data security, software and software as terms or service agreements Consult the Information Technology Department and the Office of Enterprise Risk Management, and go through the Procurement Department Review SUU policy 5.22 and 5.51 Visit SUU’s Information Technology website Real estate Vice President of Office of Finance and Administrative Services and Facilities Management Review SUU 5.24 and 10.12 policy Review Utah Code 63G-6a-101 and following. and USHE R571 policy Sponsored projects, Research Consult the Office of Sponsored Research and Grants (Contract) and Accounting Services (Tax) Review SUU Policy 5.46 Visit the SUU SPARC website Use of University trademarks, logos, images of buildings or otherwise Filming or photographing on campus Consult the Marketing Communications Office Review SUU policy 5.43 and 12.2 Check out the SUU Marketing Communications Brand Guide Zero dollar collaborations Consult the Office of Enterprise Risk Management; for academic collaborations, then through the provost; for non-academic collaborations, then via the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services

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