US recovers $30 million in stolen cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been a steadily growing asset over the years that has gone from relatively low in its early days to very high prices, as is the case with bitcoin. As their value increased, hackers became more interested in attacks and exploits in an attempt to steal them. So, last March, popular game Axi Infinity lost $625 million in crypto to hacker group Lazarus. now, America retrieve a part of stolen cryptocurrency for the value of $30 millionUsing chain analysis.

A video game in 2018 called infinite axiswhich means to operate around NFT Using your own token. Also, the game model is called a . has been described as play to winThat is to say, play to win money. A few years later, in March 2022, experience this game of collecting Axis and battling them as Pokemon Biggest heist in cryptocurrency historybecause it was worth $625 millionIt is only now that the Federal Reserve system (irrigated)able to recover a few tens of millions north korean hacker who committed the theft.

US recovers $30 million in stolen cryptocurrency

joint efforts of the U.S. government and Blockchain Company Chainanalysis, recovered $30 million in stolen cryptocurrencies. These recovered funds are linked to the $625 million Axie Infinity hack, as the series side chain ronin has been hacked. This was caused by a group of hackers known as Lazarus Groupwho live in North Korea. In order to get some of the stolen money, the Chainalysis company had to do various things. Blockchain analysis tools To be able to follow.

According to the company, the recovery of money was possible by reading the blockchain entanglement techniqueBut it was not easy at all, because they assure that the Lazarus group used more than 12,000 crypto addresses Unique with various crypto assets. he also used one cryptocurrency mixer (mixer/tumblr) called cash tornadoFortunately, this app has recently been approved in the United StatesForce hackers to use alternative techniques and help them recover stolen cryptocurrencies more easily.

Axi Dev promises that the money collected will reach the players

Although the cryptocurrencies recovered by the United States are only 12% of the total value, the important thing is that they acquired it. And that is, according to Chainalysis’ Senior Director of Investigations, Erin PlantThey have shown that their blockchain analysis tools, combined with professionals in the field, are able to to recover something they considered inaccessibleThus, it guarantees that it will be difficult for hackers to carry out an attack and take 100% of the profits.

And that is to say, it is essential to be able to stop hacks and, if they are carried out, to try to recover funds. And that’s what we have 2022for a long time They stole 1,300 million cryptocurrenciessomething else, maviso skyThe developers of Axi Infinity have announced Competition axicon That the stolen amount of 30 crores will reach the company. After that they will go aimed at the gaming communityAlthough they assure that it will not be a quick process.

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