We tried the anti-wrinkle patches that went viral on TikTok

In her late twenties, SiO Beauty founder Gigi Howard started seeing wrinkles on her chest after sleeping on her side. Sometime later, a doctor friend of hers showed her the benefits of medical-grade silicone patches for healing scars, which led to her lightbulb moment: using the same concept to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. But it wouldn’t be an easy road: Howard worked on more than 180 prototypes and tested the patches in two clinical trials over a four-year period. Now they’ve become a cult phenomenon, even going viral on TikTok – the hashtag #ridespatches has racked up over 23 million views. These are my honest thoughts on the SiO Beauty SuperLift Pack Anti-Wrinkle Face Patches. (You can also try it in this week’s installment of the BeautyPass Free Giveaway on Friday. Click here to sign up for BeautyPass if you haven’t already).

My skin type:

Combination. I’m drier in the cold months and oilier in the warm months thanks to the high east coast humidity.


It’s one of the simplest anti-aging treatments you can use: just place the patch on your skin, and you’re done! Hence why there have been so many counterfeits over the years. Like a medical grade silicone patch that heals scars – I wore one on my C-section scar – the idea is that the silicone creates an occlusive environment, locking in moisture so the skin can hydrate and avoid transepidermal water loss. Whether you have dry skin or not, hydration can be so healing on its own, but it can also have a smoothing and plumping effect.

And in addition to more moisture, the physical wearing of the patch keeps the skin under tautness with a kind of gentle compression, preventing lines from forming (or getting worse), especially if you’re a side sleeper and have l used to waking up with lines. on your face. This multi-tasking pack includes a BrowLift patch (for forehead and 11 between the eyebrows), a set of Super EyeLift patches (for under the eyes and crow’s feet) and a set of SmileLift patches (for smile lines around of the mouth). You don’t have to use them all at once – sometimes some lines stand out more than others due to stress etc. – so you can choose what goes where and when.

Although I don’t sleep on my side all night, my dentist said I grit my teeth at night, so I’m sure my eyebrows are frowning too. Therefore, I turned to the BrowLift patch more, and my skin looks smoother in the morning after sleeping in it. I also like a good patch under the eyes, and it’s nice that they don’t slip and cover enough territory to include crow’s feet, not just circles and bags.

Key ingredient:

100% medical grade silicone

What they are exempt from:

Parabens, petroleum/petrolatum (paraffin), mineral oil and phthalates

How to use them:

Perhaps my most important tip is to make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying the patches. I had a friend try these in the past and complained that they fell off overnight, but that was because she applied them over her night cream, thinking it would help “lock in” the benefits of the cream (like a sheet mask), but that’s not the case here. To start, remove the plastic film from the back of the patch and place it where you want the line-smoothing action. I generally only like to use them at night while I sleep – you forget you’re wearing them and wake up with smooth skin; and they last six to eight hours, but on work-from-home days without Zoom meetings, they can also be a good treat, especially if you have a big event that night.

To reuse a patch – they are reusable up to 10 times each – the brand recommends holding the skin taut with one hand and gently peeling the patch off with the other, then lightly rinsing the patch with water when it needs a bit of a cleanse, which is every time, in my opinion, dead skin cells are disgusting! Then you can put it back on the shield that comes with it (so don’t throw it away), adhesive side down, and store it in the resealable pouch that comes with it.

What they feel:

Softer stickers, which means they don’t tear your skin like a sticker, but they’re sticky enough to stay put on your face all night.

What they smell:


The essential :

These wrinkle patches do what they say they will, but the downside for me is that they can’t apply my usual skincare lotions and potions (I’m a hard-hitting ingredient type girl) because you must use them on clean, dry skin. I think they’re fun and effective to use before a big event – I also think they make a great gift for your beauty-obsessed friend who’s “tried everything” – but I don’t consider them a must-have. my routine.

Price/Where to buy:

$55, siobeauty.com