The best daily moisturizer duo for the most radiant skin: Infusing

Picture this: it’s early morning and you’re giving your face a fresh glow with a lightweight, rejuvenating cream to keep it nourished throughout the day. Your face is silky smooth and primed, and you’re ready to take on the world!

Once the day is over, it’s time to prepare for tomorrow by taking care of your skin. With a thick, heavy cream that won’t weigh your face down, you’re all set for the hours of sleep to come.

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Come morning, your skin will be happier than ever – with some serious glow from within. With MZ Skin, this dream skin routine can totally come true with just two products.

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Skincare is about maintaining healthy skin with effective products, but it’s also about relaxing and taking a moment to unwind. If there had ever been a brand to masterfully balance the two, it would be none other than MZ Skin.

A high-performance skincare brand that integrates the luxurious beauty experience with tangible results, MZ Skin is a trusted fan favorite time and time again with its clinically proven products. Founded by Dr. Maryam Zamani, a leading aesthetic physician and oculoplastic surgeon nicknamed “The Ophthalmologist,” the brand seamlessly transcends multiple domains by incorporating highly specialized science behind the composition of skincare products. The results? A glowing face that looks and makes you feel like a total star.

“It is imperative to fully understand the actives, how they interact with the skin and what they can accomplish to formulate powerful results.”

– Dr. Maryam Zamani

“MZ Skin was conceived from the desire to create a collection of precise, concise and intelligent capsules of scientifically proven and clinically tested skin care, easy to use but also offering a magnificent sensory experience”, shares the brand.

“Dr. Maryam Zamani doesn’t think you need a lot of different products, but rather specific and effective ingredients that work synergistically. The goal has always been to Reveal, Enhance and Protect skin for beautiful, glowing, glowing skin at any age. This simple mantra will help improve and preserve your skin for years to come.”

The dynamic duo

With skincare, things don’t have to be complicated. MZ Skin embodies this concept in its latest launch of the two best creams you will ever need in your skincare routine: the Light and Rich Moisturizer.

A great set of morning and evening face creams, it really sums up the idea that complexity is simple. The two daily-use cream jars make application easy, and the science behind the cream makes the results truly real.

There’s nothing like self-care for the start and end of the day; with the light and rich moisturizer, it only gets better.

Rise and shine

Taking care of the skin right after waking up is a crucial part of taking care of your skin. A lot happens while you sleep, like skin renewal and repair, and taking the right care early in the day can make a huge difference.

For the AM routine, the lightweight moisturizer is your ideal choice. A beautifully lightweight texture that glides on and absorbs naturally onto the face, this cream is ideal for easing into the day without feeling stuffy and greasy.

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This cream is not too dewy to the touch and applies like a matte and smooth cream on the face. I like its lightness; within minutes, you’ll forget the cream is even there!

The best part is the action behind the cream: multi-molecular hyaluronic acid allows the cream to wrap the skin in complete moisture, penetrating deep into the skin to give it a real dose of suppleness. You may notice that your skin is a little more tight or dry when you wake up, and this cream is ideal for addressing this problem.

Plus, the lightweight moisturizer works wonders to repair the damage your skin has suffered. According to MZ Skin, “antioxidant-rich cotton stem cells repair and protect against free radical and UV damage” – essentially providing preventative care against the sun’s harmful rays – while encapsulated microalgae provide “modulation of melanin to reduce pigmentation”, which helps get rid of pesky dark spots.

Not even that, the cream is infused with six natural oils and extracts to achieve that stunning glow. The thing about MZ Skin is that there really is science behind the product, which makes it a super food for the skin.

This cream is also ideal for maintaining youthful skin. You can never start too early when it comes to taking care of your skin, and with all the environmental stressors, it’s great for soothing fine lines and wrinkles. The lightweight moisturizer is infused with one-of-a-kind bio-identical human collagen, which helps plump, firm, and lift skin. I’ve truly never felt my skin so awake – it doesn’t noticeably sag in the morning.

Of course, in character of the brand’s luxurious, premium skincare experience, the cream contains a peptide complex, which is “infused with gold particles to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. and wrinkles”. You know it’s MZ Skin when you see gold!

My favorite thing about the cream is that it’s an instant change-maker; a few minutes after application, my skin is much less dry and irritated, and with an ultra-lightweight formula, I can go through my day feeling fresh. I love starting my day with this cream – it instantly makes you feel better and confident!

Rest and calm down

After a long day, it’s time to unwind by slathering on the best of the best skincare for the hours of sleep to come. My favorite thing to do is a simple cleanse, a toner, then a good reliable cream – the Rich Moisturizer.

A beautifully thick cream that replenishes skin overnight, this cream works your face inside and out to ensure supple, smooth skin by morning.

Shop the rich moisturizer here.

As with MZ Skin, the Rich Moisturizer is no exception in being made with the most effective, highest quality ingredients backed by science. Like the Light Moisturizer, the cream has been infused with multi-molecular hyaluronic acid; it is so important to keep your face constantly hydrated, and this ingredient is a crucial one.

The cream also contains bio-identical human collagen for youthful looking skin and peptides for fine lines and wrinkles. Skin aging can start early and this cream is a great preventive care tool.

Like the Light Moisturizer, this cream is also made with cotton stem cells and encapsulated microalgae for UV damage and pigmentation. The results? Impeccable and even skin. After using the Rich Moisturizer regularly, I have definitely noticed that my face is less textured with the environmental damage and looks much more nourished. It’s no surprise – after all, the cream provides your face with the best possible ingredients!

Even during sleeping hours, the cream ensures that your face is coated with a rich texture. After waking up, your face will be incredibly soft and smooth.

My favorite thing about it is how deliciously thick it is. Although it’s not heavy on the face, it sits on your face to absorb gradually overnight. It has a nice texture that feels like it’s been whipped and doesn’t feel oily or greasy at all.

This cream is so soft and relaxing to apply on the face; it is also pleasant to glide over the skin in a soothing motion. The perfect addition to your nighttime skincare routine, Crème Riche makes your routine feel like a spa in the comfort of your own home.

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