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Model and entrepreneur Pritika Swarup is having a busy summer. From walking the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival to visiting Peru on a mission trip with Operation Smile, Swarup is now heading to the Hamptons in New York to host a party with Manolo Blahnik in collaboration with his beauty brand, Prakti .

No day is the same for the multi-hyphenate, who recently graduated from Columbia University and currently runs her skincare business between models. She prefers it that way, she says.

Before today’s event, FN caught up with Swarup to talk about his business, philanthropy and summer essentials.

You are approaching your first anniversary with Prakti Beauty, how has the trip been so far?

“We launched in September, but it took two years to take off. I went to India, I spoke to hundreds of women about their desires, their ideals of beauty and I really understood why Indian beauty could not reach a global scale. I realized there was a big white space in the market between these super traditional Ayurvedic Indian brands that only appeal to an Indian audience and then Western brands. So I wanted to create something that was just very elevated and had the ability to resonate with all women.

With so many famous beauty brand launches, how do you differentiate yourself in the market?

“I’m completely behind this brand, but I’ve really built this brand to stand on its own. Our biggest goal is to bring Indian beauty to the fore. It’s more about representing our culture and the bring to the West in a modern and accessible way.We sell meditation scarves, [for example], and these accessories are made by women in India through one of our donation programs. It’s about getting people to open up to holistic wellness and what it really means. Ayurveda is about connecting mind, body and soul and fulfilling each of these parts of yourself. We also have multiple brand faces represented at all levels, as one of the biggest fundamental pillars is diversity and inclusiveness.

You mentioned your giving programs, how important is philanthropy to the company?

“Operation Smile is our main philanthropic partner. I got involved in the organization, [which provides free surgical care to children born with craniofacial conditions such as cleft lips and palates], when I was in eighth grade since it was founded in my hometown in Virginia. I then became their global ambassador. And that’s great because throughout my career I’ve been able to build this platform to be able to use my voice and really raise awareness about slot conditions. And then we have our Suman Saroj initiative, which is the program that provides sustainable income opportunities in India to these women in the village and they make accessories and toiletry bags, and these meditation scarves. These are just two different ends of the spectrum.

(This month, Swarup also partnered with Veronica Beard in the third quarter of this year, where a portion of proceeds from Veronica Beard’s website purchases will go to Operation Smile.)

As the founder of a beauty brand, what are your top summer skincare tips?

“Always use sun protection. Any type of SPF is important. When I’m on the beach, I wear a big hat, sunglasses, just fully covered. Also, purify your skin. Purify. I use DeviDetox from Prakti then exfoliate with PritiPolish. In the summer, cleansing and exfoliation are key.

And since you’re headed to the Manolo Blahnik boutique, what are your favorite shoes this summer?

“Right now I’m wearing Miu Miu loafers, I’m really into loafers at the moment. And I also have a pair of Chloe sneakers that I wear a lot. I’ve also worn a lot of Manolos like these leather sandals calfskin. Their shoes are very comfortable. And I really like what they have done with their new summer collection where they have very bright and colorful sandals.

Finally, as a young entrepreneur who has her hands in many pots, what advice do you have for women who also have multiple passions that they want to pursue and succeed?

“Having the courage and the conviction to pursue all your passions. I can’t even tell you how many times people have said to me, ‘Oh, you can’t go to school, you can’t be a model and you can’t start this business. Women are multidimensional. We have so many different facets and we should be able to pursue all of our passions, and we don’t fit into one box anymore. You just have to believe in yourself and know that it’s not okay. not go smoothly. And you will see the results immediately. But do it and never limit yourself.

You can meet Swarup today at the Manolo Blahnik shopping event from 5-7 p.m. at his East Hampton boutique on Main Street.

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