Kate Hudson talks about her beauty routine, healthy supplements and fitness

Welcome to Beauty Around the Clock, Marie Claire’s weekly look at the daily lives of some of the most groundbreaking women in their industry. Have you ever wondered how they manage to do it all in one day? Here is your answer.

Cleansers, night creams, eye creams, lipsticks, foundations – Kate Hudson has several holy grails across all lllll categories. And, she could talk about their benefits till nausea. She tests makeup like it’s going out of style and has even formulated serums and moisturizers in collaboration with Juice Beauty. In short: she knows her stuff. It would have been easy for her to put her name to a skincare brand and preach “How to get great skin” à la Andie Anderson – the opportunities were endless. But for Kate, beauty isn’t ~exclusively~ a topical issue. It is about health, movement and well-being.

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