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Honest Beauty is expanding in-store at Ulta Beauty, with an official rollout starting Sunday.

“The rollout strategy has always been to go online first, then find the right retail partners who really believed in our mission around clean and sustainable practices and build that awareness and respond. needs of that consumer,” said Jessica Alba, who launched The Honest Company in 2012 in partnership with entrepreneurs Christopher Gavigan, Brian Lee and Sean Kane.

It was in 2015 that Alba unveiled Honest Beauty, moving from baby and household items to skincare and personal care. The line was revamped in 2018, the year the company opened an in-house lab, and in 2021 – when The Honest Company went public – the brand introduced updated packaging created from “tree-free” compostable cardboard. “Made from recycled sugar cane by-products. (Alba now owns a 6% stake in Honest, which raised $412.8 million, selling $25.9 million of shares at $16 each at a reported valuation of $1.44 billion at launch. .) Prior to Honest’s redesign, its beauty products were sold at Ulta, for a brief period. .

Sold direct-to-consumer on the company’s website, as well as major retailers such as Target, CVS, Walgreens, Costco and Safeway, launching in Ulta Beauty stores means reaching even more consumers looking for “clean” products. “Alba said. (Honest Beauty relaunched online at Ulta Beauty in 2020.)

“I am delighted that we are working with Ulta [Beauty]because they’re in pretty much a lot of areas and spaces where women are, in the suburbs, in urban areas, and in big little pockets where I think before there wasn’t a ton options [in ‘clean’]. And I like that you can shop high-low. I like that you can get services. And it looks like a truly complete beauty experience. And then when they expanded to Target, I thought it was so smart and awesome to see how those lines can be blurred when you put consumers first. And I really liked how they push the boundaries of experiential retail and what retail can look like. And I, you know, love being part of this story with Honest.

Launching exclusively at Ulta Beauty (on a six-month contract), Honest Beauty introduces its first line for acne: Get Clarity Acne Foaming Cleanser, $17.99 (made with colloidal sulfur and apple AHA with malic, glycolic, lactic and citric acid). ); an In The Clear acne serum, $29.99 (salicylic acid derived from wintergreen, azelaic acid, zinc PCA and niacinamide) and a Spot Stopper acne treatment, $17.99 (salicylic acid derived from wintergreen, glycolic acid, witch hazel and microalgae).

Honest Beauty launches into Ulta Beauty stores with 10 skincare products, including three acne products.


“The acne space is quite saturated with very intense chemicals that strip away the healthy skin barrier and leave lasting damage to the skin, often over-dehydrating it, further irritating it, and stripping away your natural skin barrier” , Alba said.

Her goal was to take a different approach to acne-prone skin, asking herself, “What’s the root of the problem?” How can we really help remove excess dirt, help eliminate the causes of clogged pores, and then really deliver benefits for a healthy skin barrier. »

Honest Beauty’s Cleansing Gel, Retinyl Serum, Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Hydrogel Cream, Lightweight Moisturizer, Deep Hydration Face Cream and Eye Balm are also hitting shelves at Ulta Beauty. . Meanwhile, a wider range of skin care products, as well as cosmetics, will be available on Ulta Beauty’s e-commerce site.

In makeup, Alba continues to offer colors with skincare benefits and has expanded to include long-wearing products, all created in-house. There’s a tinted moisturizer with SPF 30, vitamin C and blue light protection, a tinted lip balm with acai extracts and avocado oil, and after the success of the brand’s flagship product, Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer, the brand presents a new mascara, Extreme Volume Mascara + Bold Lash Primer.

“We don’t just offer useless or meaningless products,” Alba said.

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