Hueguard tinted live sunscreen is a travel essential

It’s no secret that sunscreen is one of the most important parts of your skincare routine, no matter the time of year or your skin type. Good SPF protection has many benefits, such as reducing the signs of aging, limiting the appearance of sun spots, protecting the skin against sunburn and even reducing the risk of skin cancer during long-term daily use. But we all know that different skin tones have different needs, and most sunscreens tend to have a white cast, especially on darker skin tones.

This is where Hueguard from Live Tinted comes in. With the company tagline “Celebrate Your Hues,” this gentle mineral sunscreen for brown skin is quickly becoming a favorite among people of color nationwide. Hueguard is designed to avoid leaving a white or chalky cast when applied to the skin. Live Tinted is a South Asian woman-owned makeup brand that’s been talked about for its message of inclusivity and beauty for all skin types. It’s also a favorite of Mindy Kaling and the cast of the Netflix series “Never Have I Ever” (the brand even collaborated with the show on a special-edition kit that includes sunscreen, lip gloss and eyeshadow). eye masks). With over 500 sunscreen reviews at Ulta and a waiting list of 10,000 people when it launches in 2021, this innovative daily SPF 30 mineral moisturizer and primer is perfect for all skin types and for a all day use.


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According to the brand, the best way to apply this sunscreen is to add three to four pumps directly to the face and neck. It’s designed to blend right into skin, feeling like a moisturizer without any sticky residue on fingers or face. It can be used every morning before applying makeup, acting as a protective base coat for your face and neck. You can renew the application every two to three hours as needed for optimal protection. It comes in two sizes, a 1.7 ounce tube that’s perfect for travel, and a 5.07 ounce option that’s great for the whole family.

Zinc is made up of white particles and tends to leave a white cast, but Hueguard contains a formula that has high levels (18%) of non-nano zinc oxide and dries clear on skin and protects skin from UVA rays and UVB. The lightweight formula blends seamlessly and adds a natural glow. This is what makes the product unique and applicable to all skin types and colors. Plus, with SPF 30, this beauty essential is perfect for year-round use.

“Traditionally, there were very few products in the skincare industry that were specifically geared towards people of color,” wrote one shopper, “Hueguard is the perfect sunscreen, moisturizer and makeup base that I uses every day, all day,” they added.

Another shopper noted that her search for sunscreen ended after finding Hueguard. “Having dark, sensitive, and acne-prone skin, it was always difficult to find a mineral sunscreen that would protect my skin, not leave a white plaster, or irritate my skin,” they wrote. “I finally want to wear my sunscreen for a change, which I think is the most important aspect of it all”

Hueguard follows Live Tinted’s ethos and core values ​​of being vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and even reef-safe. Additionally, the tube is also made from 100% post-consumer recycled material.

Recently, the company launched its products in Ulta Beauty stores across the country. A shopper on Ulta’s site claimed it was hands down the best mineral sunscreen they’ve tried. “Now I can’t wait to wear it every morning.”

Maybe that’s why Hueguard sunscreen is so popular with fans. Another shopper said he doesn’t normally wear a lot of makeup and it was hard to find a tinted moisturizer with a mineral SPF to match his darker skin tone or a mineral sunscreen that wouldn’t feel heavy. or would not clog pores. “This product was everything I was looking for,” they confirmed.

If you’re looking for a daily sunscreen that won’t leave a white streak, be sure to check out Live Tinted’s Hueguard. And while you shop, don’t miss the rest of the brand’s skincare and beauty essentials.

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