Gal Gadot skincare routine for dewy, glowing skin

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Miss Israel 2004, an army combat fitness instructor and a real girl – and that’s what the ethereal beauty of Gal Gadot is. “There’s never been a storyline where I go to bed with makeup on,” the stunner told E! new.

A makeup-free Gal Gadot is proof that Israeli charmers have great skin — and while genetics are to be thanked (in part), the Wonder Woman actress goes the extra mile with skincare. Let’s take a look at the Gal Gadot skincare routine for dewy, glowing skin.

Gal Gadot skincare routine for dewy, glowing skin

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Gal Gadot skincare routine for dewy, glowing skin

1. H20 is a must, no cap!

First and foremost, drink plenty of water because it doesn’t matter how much moisturizer you put on your skin; if you are dehydrated from the inside, nothing will help you“, she told Byrdie.

2. Cleansing oils and creams

Harper’s Bazaar says Gadot has a cabinet full of cosmetics. “I’m all about beauty products, and I’m always testing various creams and serums.“, she said. She loves gel masks and cleansing oils because they remove makeup and pollutants without drying out her skin. These not only help to hydrate and nourish your skin, but also to remove dirt.People with oily skin should not use too many of the only products [1].

3. Makes sure his body gets what it needs

Skin care is not limited to the face and neck. Gadot exfoliates her body in the shower with shower gel. “I use a variety of body creams“, she told Bazaar, “but my favorite is Nivea. It’s cheap, but it’s fantastic. “Well, it’s a brand we all love for all the right reasons. (My grandma wore one!)

Gal Gadot skincare routine for dewy, glowing skin

Image: Pinterest

4. Light makeup on encrusted

Gal spoke to Vogue about how she dislikes the heavy feel of makeup. “So, I always associate my foundation and my day cream“, she explained. Using as few products as possible is always good for your skin.

5. Night routine = personal care and skin care.

After putting her kids to sleep, Gal has about an hour to herself. Gal’s bathroom is her sacred space for pampering. “I’m going to take a long shower, and I’m going to meditate,” she said. “I’ll do my whole beauty routine out of all the different things I wear before I go to bed, serums and stuff like that.”

Then she moisturizes the rest of her body with drugstore lotions. The skin produces more sebum at midday and less at night. So when you lose that layer of natural oils, your skin loses more water, so it’s essential to replenish the lost water with moisturizer at night. [2].

Gal Gadot skincare routine for dewy, glowing skin

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6. Mediterranean diet to nourish from within

Your skin indeed reflects what you eat, which is why Gadot regularly drinks green and orange juice. During an interview with InStyle, she said: “We try to make everything harder than necessary.” “But I’m from Israel and I eat a Mediterranean diet, so it’s easy for me. I try to make the veggies take up most of the dish, followed by lean protein, then high quality carbs. I eat a lot of seafood and big salads with lemon and olive oil.”

Trying the Mediterranean diet is great for your skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties – thanks to the focus on extra virgin olive oil, which contains compounds that fight oxidative stress and soothe inflammation [3].

Article first published: Sunday, September 11, 2022, 9:00 a.m. [IST]

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