Definitions of skin radiance differ among consumers of radiance, luminosity, happiness and health finds Oriflame

The concept of “glow” has long been important in beauty, but with the focus on skin health in recent years, the concept of skin that glows has proliferated around the world. But how exactly was skin radiance defined? And was it different for different consumers?

Oriflame had invested in consumer research to find out.

“I’m sure we’re all aware that the glow is just about everywhere,”said Cyril Messaraa, Principal Scientist at Oriflame.

“The [are] lots of claims – products with claims – but still, I think we struggle to have a concrete definition because glow is very subjective in nature,”Messaraa told attendees during his presentation at the 2022 IFSCC Congress in London.

Key to consumer perceptions

Results of an initial study, conducted among 170 women from 18 countries, showed that most women associated radiance with shine, although other words considered synonymous with radiance include radiance and shine. brightness.

Messaraa said this global study has interestingly and importantly highlighted the differences in consumer perceptions of glow across countries.

In Mexico and China, for example, brilliance was not just a matter of outward appearance, rather more closely tied to “ambience and lifestyle”,he said, Mexican consumers talking about feeling happy and Chinese consumers talking about health and being “clean inside”. ​In contrast, UK consumers viewed glow as very external and related to having a “subtle shimmer”,he said.

The global consensus on the glow, however, was that it was linked to “healthy skin”,he said.

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