Clean beauty products set to grow at a rapid pace in India: Ainara Kaur, Founder, Belora Cosmetics

Safe for people and the planet, clean beauty products consider human and environmental health, using a non-toxic element as a base and plant-based ingredients for active results. Just as healthy eating means discarding the idea of ​​processed foods and focusing on nourishing, plant-based products that provide all the vitamins and antioxidants needed for a healthy immune and digestive system, so does skin care. clean skin. Toxic chemicals on your skin can have very profound and harmful effects. First of all, whatever you put on your skin, a percentage is absorbed by your skin. So if you put in harmful chemicals, your skin pores will absorb and hence you will age faster. It can also enter our bloodstream if you use it regularly, which can have a hormonal impact. Since the impact happens slowly in the long run, people don’t pay much attention to it. If it has an immediate impact, we would have been more picky about our makeup choice. reached out to Ainara Kaur, Founder of Belora Cosmetics to understand the state of the cosmetics industry in India, safe beauty products and more. Excerpts:

How has the cosmetics industry changed after the pandemic?

Beauty brands have grown steadily post-pandemic. All beauty and skincare brands have provided hand sanitizer and cleaning agents to their beauty consultants to be safe from covid. Disinfect surfaces and tools after using them on each client and wash hands frequently. As part of the covid-19 pandemic and with working from home, there has been a sharp decrease in the use of cosmetics.

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During these two years, women have turned to sustainable and high-end beauty products. Consumers used to wear makeup less frequently, but now things have started to pick up as workplaces and offices have started to open up.

Simultaneously, people have turned to buying online. It is now becoming important to expand into the e-com sector for the online beauty market. People started more virtual consultations and became contactless using apps on mobile phones, but also cashless with the electronic payment method.

Ainara Kaur, Founder, Belora Cosmetics

What is the reach of clean beauty in India?

The global clean beauty market is expected to grow at a rapid rate due to various factors. There is an increasing demand for clean beauty and skin care products as consumers are cautious for better skin care and this is a vital factor driving the growth of clean beauty market.

Clean beauty means green, toxic-free beauty products that don’t have to be organic and natural. These products have transparent labeling of ingredients, which are safe to use on the face and body. These products have many benefits, which can help reduce skin problems and reduce the signs of aging.

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It’s not just the women’s skincare line, even the men’s, that is getting into clean beauty. Men go beyond the basics. Even men want to take care of their skin. Serums, aftershaves and beard oils are all growing in the clean beauty market.

What are some things to keep in mind when using clean beauty products?

First, you need to understand what pure beauty is. Clean beauty products are made with the well-being of people and the environment in mind. These products are made without any harsh ingredients that can harm your skin, such as parabens, lead, mercury, etc. Substances like lead and mercury can be very harmful.

Here are some things to keep in mind

– These products may contain both natural and synthetic ingredients. Identify the type of skin issues they have and what may work best for their skin type.

– Always check the label for ingredients

– Always remember that skin type is also dynamic and not fixed for life. Factors such as pollution, weather, hormonal changes can also impact the same

– A test patch is always recommended. A patch test ensures that they are not allergic to any substance or that there are no side effects

There are many products available in the market that are safe, organic, and chemical-free, which ensures labeling transparency.

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