10 beauty products that got me through NYFW

My beauty routine undergoes an occasional transition with the rhythm of the seasons. More often than not, I prefer to use the same rotation of products until I have to part ways (which is usually because I’m pumping the last drop of a beloved serum or my skin simply no longer works in harmony with his old favorite serum produced). But with New York Fashion Week in full swing, I was given an excuse to bust out the big beauty ammunition in order to float from one show to the next without looking like I was getting the gust of the subway that made me drop the mascara.

I firmly believe whether you’re strutting the runway in front of a live audience or gracing the hallway of your Brooklyn brownstone, this special week in September is dazzling with glitz and glamor for talent and onlookers alike. From experimenting with clothing patterns and textures to trying out a new hairstyle, NYFW ensures everyone looks their best; all shame and timidity had to be left at the door.

Those pre-show beauty regimens have now become hallowed moments in my NYFW prep. While my look was focused on a glowing, slightly dazzling complexion rather than the full month, I felt as confident as Bella Hadid in a glam chair herself knowing that I had intentionally chosen my glam from my choice. from hairstyle, specific makeup direction and right down to my selected fragrance of the day.

Keep reading for products that have served as my religious text over the past seven days.

A liner that lasted through the chatter. I bounced between REFY’s Lip Sculpt in “Fawn” and “Sepia” shades to outline my lips and applied whatever gloss I had on hand for a glass-like pout with a embraceable dimension.

The final moment of all my glam looks was a spritz of this honey infused spray. With every flick of the shoulder as the fashion crowd jostled for their seats, I’m pretty sure my Gisou hair fragrance took people to a floral field across the world.

My favorite hairstyle was a slicked-down center bun with edges that didn’t dare move. I started by using the pointed end of the Baby Tress Edge Styler to part my hair down the middle. After carefully smoothing my hair into place and grabbing a few rubber bands to give my face an alluring lift, I used the soft bristles of the brush to smooth my hairline, tame flyaways, and style baby hairs.

With back-to-back shows and events, it was imperative that my body felt its best so it could perform at its best (I wouldn’t allow free hors d’oeuvres and open cocktail bars to get the best of it of me). I paired my Sakara Beauty + Detox water drops to keep my body hydrated, light and energized.

Whether Euphoria taught me something was to dream big or go home with eye makeup. But since I am unable to complete any eye shadow look known to mankind, these Gem Packs from SIMIHAZE Beauty gave me a charming “star quality” look in as easy as 1-2-3 .

A cult favorite, the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask would have fooled anyone into thinking I got eight hours of sleep the night before.

I love a good gua sha and jade roller, but since time was short, I couldn’t add ten more steps to my already existing 10 step skincare routine. With just a few rolls of Skin Gym IceCool Ice Roller, my complexion was deflated, de-stressed, and ready to be seen another day.

If you follow Hypebae Beauty on Instagram, then you know that Kilian Paris’ Angels’ Share is my go-to fragrance for any occasion. The notes of tonka bean and oak wood danced in harmony with the tempo of my body.

I may have scooped up the last few drops of Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Flawless Filter, but I wouldn’t have walked through NYFW without my longtime makeup. Typically, my skin’s glowing complexion comes from a thorough skincare routine, but this time around, foundation took the crown.

This Magnesium Reset Spray from Alo’s Glow System Collection has been my holy grail skin savior during those long, hot days. Whether I’m spraying between makeup steps or climbing the steps of the subway in six-inch platform boots, this magic in a bottle releases tension in the face and promotes a sense of calm during the busiest time of the day. fashion of the year.

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